Contracts & Booking requirements:

Bookings will be confirmed on receipt of a deposit and a signed Contract Agreement. The remaining balance must be paid at the time of the event.

Meals & Refreshments for the band:

Food and beverage provisions for us are the norm. Our work time is usually 6 to 7 hours including load in, setup, tear down and travel. Therefore, our clients usually include us in their meal count – either plated or buffet. Refreshment at the bar on our break is appreciated and we do not take advantage of this privilege and truly appreciate this gesture. We also have a few members with food allergies and completely understand if you cannot accommodate their needs.

Q: Will you need a room to change and have breaks?

Yes please, if at all possible! The band will need to change into their suits and dress before their performance so a room to leave valuables and take breaks in would be most appreciated.

Q: How long do you normally play for?

The band can perform up to 50-minutes of live music depending on what is happening at your event. You can choose from 2 x 45 min sets, 2 x 60 min sets or 3 x 40min sets.

Q: How long do you need to set up?

Usually we need 1-hour (60 min) to install and set up the PA and sound check in advance of the performance. Load and unload information needs to be discussed and given in advance to make sure that your event runs smoothly and efficiently. Setting up while guests are arriving is something we always want to avoid at all cost.

Q: How much space do you need?

Depending on the band configuration you choose -duo, trio, quartet, quintet- the Jacqueline Tabor Jazz Band requires a minimum performance area of 10 x 10 feet, no doorways or tripping hazards with grounded electrical outlets. If this is an outdoor event a request of shelter will be required, our equipment is very important to us and so is the safety of all that are involved in your event.


Chances are that you've already booked your venue, though before you book your entertainment we advise that you check with your venue to make sure they can accommodate for live music. Some venues have volume restrictions with cut off systems, not all venues will make you aware of this when you make a booking and this can cause problems on the night with equipment being shutdown during performances and sometimes a wait of up to 10 minutes before re-setting.

While the band can adjust their volumes to some degree there are occasions where the venues restricted levels are too low to work within. The band needs to be informed of the venues noise code in order to respect it. Please ask your coordinator or event/venue manager and inform us when inquiring.

Q: What venues will you play?

The band will perform at a wide variety of venues from conference halls, hotels, clubs, private residences, churches, restaurants, museums, etc... Truly, wherever we can perform with room and electricity, we will be there for you. The band will also perform in marquees or outdoors, under cover, when Mother Nature allows it.

Q: Do you take song requests?

Clients are welcome to request specific songs from our current song list and the band will try to accommodate as many of these as possible. If you would like us to learn and play a song live that is not on our song list we would appreciate at least a 3-week notice.

Q: Will the band need a PA or special lighting?

The Jacqueline Tabor Jazz Band is equipped with a great Yamaha MG102C 10-Input Stereo Mixer with Compression sound system that has the capacity to compliment any size venue. And if you want special lights, let us discuss how we can make this happen.

Q: Where can I see you play?

The band can be seen live at public events throughout Seattle and the Pacific Northwest. Check out our live schedule here.

With private engagements, most hosts are uncomfortable with us inviting potential clients to their wedding or corporate function; therefore we prefer not to ask them.

Q: What regions do you cover?

The Jacqueline Tabor Jazz Band is available to hire in the Seattle, Puget Sound area. Best rates in Seattle, Washington state, Puget Sound area.

Q: Will the band setup earlier during the day?

The band is happy to arrive at an earlier time but if more than 60 minutes this cost and time will have to be a cost included in the original bid.

Q: Are there any hidden costs?

There are no hidden costs and all quotes include the bands transport costs, equipment use and duration of performance if you would like us to go longer or add more musicians this is something we can discuss at the time of contract or that moment. The Jacqueline Tabor Jazz Band is experienced and understands last minute changes to an event. For an extension of time our rate is usually $50.00 an hour per player.

Q: How can I pay?

Payments can be made by check made to Jacqueline Tabor or cash and all details are sent at the time of finalizing our contract.

Q: How much deposit do I pay to secure a booking?

The band requires a 20% deposit at the time of booking. The balance is then required the day of the event.

Q: How much do you charge?

The Jacqueline Tabor Jazz Band offers highly competitive rates among other Wedding/Function bands in Washington State. By booking the band directly you will save 15-20% commission fees usually charged by entertainment agencies.

Prices start from $400.00 based on band configuration, duration of event and the venue being within 100 mile radius of Seattle. For venues further away an additional fuel cost and travel expense is taken into consideration at the time of bidding and contract.