The Lady in the Gown - CD Release


The Seattle Chanteuse, Jacqueline Tabor will delight you with her traditional version of the American Songbook. Allow yourself to relax and unwind the day while listening to the beautiful tones of a sultry alto.

By Jacqueline Tabor

Sometimes the universe guides you through a journey that feels like an endless dream. Once you allow things to happen naturally, they happen freely. There are no coincidences. This project has been full of endless love, miracles, abundance, and friendship. I dedicate this album to Tana Young and Dr. Elton Gaddy; two dynamic and inspiring people who left sooner than expected. For once, I listened to my guides and their urgent advice to get out and take a chance came through stronger than ever. In memory of Elton and Tana, I thank you for your ongoing inspiration, laughter, and strength.

Many songs on this album were inspired by the late and great Ernestine Anderson. Though I never had the honor to meet her in person, I feel like I have met her in song. 

A huge thank you to my loving family and village that constantly allows me to grow and live. And I would like to thank the Special Unicorns in my life Mari, Krista, Joanna, and Esther who, on a regular basis, enrich my life and keep love, laughter, balance, coffee, and hope flowing through my spirit! 

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